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Job Title: Software Engineer

Job Location: NC
Job Description:

We are looking for specialists in either
game creation tools or runtime graphics 
development. Responsibilities will span
requirements and design, implementation, 
testing, documentation, and supporting

Candidates must have:
2+ years of professional C++ development 
experience Solid knowledge of the game 
development process, pipeline tools, and/or 3D 
Strong written and verbal English communication 
Strong professional work ethic and ability to 
work as part of a geographically distributed team
BSCS or equivalent.
Valued Skills:
Experience with recent graphics APIs for PC, 
PS3, 360, or Wii
Experience with .Net, C#, scripting languages 
(e.g. Lua, Perl, Python, Ruby)
Multithreaded and/or distributed programming 
Experience using and/or extending 3ds Max, Maya, 
and/or XSI
Prior experience working at a game development 
studio or publisher
Been through multiple product lifecycles on 
modern platforms 
Development on or heavy previous use of game 
middleware packages
Experience with technical support or other 
customer-facing exposure.

Other Job Information

Salary Range:

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