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Job Title: Tax Manager

Job Location: NY
Job Description:

The Tax Manager is responsible for the 
efficient, accurate, complete, and timely review 
of all clients’ tax returns including 
individual, trust, partnership and corporate tax 
returns and multi-state returns. Advanced 
technical skills in a variety of real estate tax 
areas, along with well-developed and applied 
management and supervisory skills are required. 
The Tax Manager makes decisions on all but the 
most unusual tax situations. A Tax Manager 
should generally have at least seven years 
It is expected that our Tax Managers: 
Perform technical tax reviews of all tax 
Assume full responsibility of tax accounts 
assigned. This includes being responsible for 
personnel scheduling, compliance with due dates 
and monitoring time budgets. 
Begin and complete tax research projects, 
including the ability to present findings in a 
clear, concise, understandable written form. 
Act as a resource for tax prepares/specialists 
and audit staff on specific tax issues and/or 
Assume tax preparation responsibility for the 
more complex business returns. 
Assume client service responsibility for 
Manage time effectively. This includes the 
ability to manage multiple engagements at one 
time and meet deadlines. 
Maintain knowledge of general economic and 
political trends of possible tax or other 
legislation that could affect the business 
Possess strong computer skills, including the 
ability to work with GoSystem Tax. 

Competencies of our Tax Managers: 
Demonstrates the functional and technical 
knowledge and skills to do the job at a high 
level of accomplishment. 
Begins to identify specific tax strategies for 
tax planning purposes. 
Applies complex tax concepts to the preparation 
and review of tax returns (either business, S 
Corp, C Corp, Individual, Gift Tax or Trusts) 
including analyzing information.

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Salary Range:

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