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Job Title: Lead Scientific Software Engineer

Job Location: AZ
Job Description:

We are developing our software in C# and C++. We 
expect you to be proficient in these or similar 
languages. You also must have a strong 
Engineering, Physics or Optics background 
supported by a rigorous mathematical aptitude 
and possess the ability to translate theoretical 
algorithms into product-oriented solutions  
vigorously robust, highly repeatable and 
optimized for speed and performance.  Proven 
experience with scientific algorithm 
development, image processing, signal 
processing, digital filtering and Fourier 
theory, and manipulation of large data sets 
expected. Experience with Metrology, 
Interferometry, Matlab, GPU or physics 
processors, Visual Studio .NET, interfacing 
hardware (digital cameras, DAC boards, etc.) are 
all a plus.

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