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Job Title: Director of Product Engineering

Job Location: CA
Job Description:

This person will manage the day-to-day operation 
of the engineering organization providing 
electrical, mechanical, and RF hybrid 
microelectronics engineering, and product 
development and quality enhancement for the 
product line. 

This position, located in San Dimas, CA (25 
miles east of Los Angeles) requires extensive 
knowledge and expertise in the design and 
manufacture of solid state power amplifiers for 
satellite communication applications, and the 
application of RF engineering techniques and 
approaches.  The successful candidate should 
have an advanced degree in Electrical 
Engineering, RF Engineering, or a closely 
related discipline, and should have at least ten 
years experience in the development and 
qualification of highly reliable RF products and 
leadership of engineering organizations. 
Experience with space, military and/or 
commercial broadcast communication systems and 
operations is considered a plus.

The position will expand current engineering 
practices to streamline the product development 
process, and will ensure that the engineering 
organization has the tools and skills necessary 
to maintain a competitive position in the 
marketplace. The Director will continue an 
engineering culture stressing the timely 
development of competitive products that meet or 
exceed requirements for technical performance 
and cost.

The Director of Product Engineering must be an 
experienced technical and administrative leader 
with an RF background that combines structured 
management of the product development process 
with results oriented administrative structures 
that ensure achievement of organizational 
objectives. An in-depth understanding of the 
product development cycle, coupled with a sense 
of competitive drive and the ability to stay 
focused on results despite changing conditions, 

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