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Job Title: Product Development Technical Service Manager

Job Location: OH
Job Description:

This person will be responsible for leading, 
developing and driving the product development 
team members to ensure optimal functioning of 
the team in achieving department goals. It will 
be critical to perform research and provide 
analysis and recommendations regarding the 
implementation of systems and processes that 
have the potential to improve the effectiveness 
and efficiency of the technical services 
function. Helps create and maintain plans for 
the department. Actively supports and implements 
the priorities of internal and external 
stakeholders through the timely and courteous 
delivery of technical expertise. 
Essential Job Functions 
•Plans, organizes, and directs the activities of 
product development team members. 
•Supervises the work of team members by 
facilitating and tracking project status; 
identifying problems and issues; allocating 
appropriate resources; and ensuring that 
technical support services are completed on 
schedule and at the highest levels of quality. 
Assists team members in the delivery of 
technical services as necessary and appropriate. 
•Responsible for timely prioritization and 
assignment of customer requests to the 
appropriate personnel and completion of those 
requests within the established guidelines. 
•Responsible to identify, approve, and monitor 
the purchase of 3rd-party services, equipment, 
materials, and supplies required for the 
completion of projects and to maintain 
department activities. 
•Works with the Director of Product Development 
and Innovation to plan projects, implement best 
practices, represent the needs of team members 
and other departments, and to maintain alignment 
of department goals with the strategic 
initiatives of the company. 
•Plans and manages assigned projects to ensure 
they are completed on time, within budget, and 
within scope using established project 
management standards, guidelines, and other 

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