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Job Title: Director of Engineering

Job Location: CT
Job Description:

The company is seeking a Director of Engineering 
who will oversee all engineering aspects for the 
company including manufacturing, project 
applications, and new product development. The 
responsibilities include: 
• Coordination of manufacturing personnel and 
subcontractors to maintain inventory levels and 
insure product availability to meet project lead 
• Specification and purchase of all equipment 
components to support production run schedules 
• Maintain current product UL listings and 
manage new UL projects as they become necessary 
• Review HVAC project specifications and 
drawings in order to assess product 
• Perform contaminant concentration calculations 
using company’s proprietary software 
• Participation in project site visits when 
technical support on product applications is 
• Interact with sales and marketing personnel to 
develop new products as necessary to meet market 

Position Requirements: 
• 10+ years of HVAC consulting engineering 
experience with a comprehensive understanding 
o Mechanical systems used to heat, ventilate, 
and air condition buildings including energy 
recovery, dedicated outside air systems, VAV 
systems, etc 
o ASHRAE Standard 62 including a familiarity 
with the IAQ Procedure 
o Outside air intake requirements and how they 
relate to building energy use 
• 5-10 years of engineering management 
experience with strong project management 
skills, including the ability to plan, 
prioritize and complete several projects 
• Knowledge of current engineering practices and 
industry standards and building and energy codes 
• Knowledge of electrical engineering systems 
• Knowledge of manufacturing procedures and 
• Knowledge of US Green Building Council’s LEED 
• Strong written and communication skills 
• BS in Mechanical Engineering 
• PE, LEED AP, CEM is pr

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Salary Range:

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