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Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer

Job Location: OR - Portland
Job Description:

 Manufacturing Engineer is responsible, under the 
direction of the Operations Manager, to assist in 
new project and process implementation, suggest 
and implement new equipment, capital projects, 
tooling, fixturing to produce the product, 
develop and maintain process cost data for others 
to use, develop required process information, 
develop preventive maintenance schedules for 
production machinery and conduct continuous 
improvement for manufacturing.

Job Description

• Organize, edit, and enter onto the computer, 
work center information covering assigned company 

• Develop and maintain all routing, process, and 
work center standards and make them available to 
all those who will enter information into the 
computer for manufactured items.

• Work closely with Quality Assurance to develop 
and document processes, procedures, and work 
instructions which affect product quality.

•Make certain all manufacturing processes are 
capable of producing products that will 
consistently conform to acceptable safety 

•Utilize the Product Control Change procedure to 
improve throughput and product.

•Assist in the selection and design, choice of 
physical location, and installation of in-plant 
processing equipment. Establish, document and 
implement preventative maintenance and safety 

•Assist in design of fixtures for product 

•Work closely with assigned manufacturing 
supervision to develop and maintain departmental 
training programs for specific job functions.

•Formulate teaching outlines for identified jobs 
and required training. Create/provide training 
aids, materials, workstation references, written 
procedures, work instructions, check-lists, etc. 
for employees’ use in performing the job.

•Coordinate shop-floor training with department 
supervision to ensure processes/procedures/work 
instructions are being follo

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