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Job Title: Network Manager

Job Location: NJ
Job Description:

The Network Manager directs and coordinates 
network and computerized management information 
systems and staff to provide broad and diverse 
services to the global enterprise. Services are 
generally categorized as LAN, WAN, Voice, 
Internet, Contact Center and Video. All 
applications, business functions and other IT 
services and systems rely upon the Network 
Manager to deliver for our external customers, 
internal customers and Field. The network is 
foundational to all design, development, 
implementation, support, and revenue production 
for the Company and all its’ businesses.
Duties and Responsibilities:  
• Performs analysis of network needs and 
contributes to design of network architecture, 
integration and installation. 
• Maintains network hardware and software, 
including servers, peripherals, switches, 
routers, and wiring. 
• Coordinates with other departments in order to 
understand and meet their requirements. 
• Evaluates network hardware and software 
requirements and capabilities and makes 

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