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Job Title: Embedded Board Engineer

Job Location: CA
Job Description:

a leading Board level Engineering & 
Manufacturing Services Company is looking for an 
experienced Hardware Applications Engineer with 
Board Level Experience. The scope of work is to 
manage and coordinate end to end Board level 
projects including customer interface, schematic 
generation, board layout and Firmware 
coordination and board bring up/debug. The 
professional experience requirements are as 
Experience with working on system-level projects 
that comprise hardware, software and firmware 
subsystems is required.
Experience working with Embedded (ARM) Board 
Level Solutions
Experience working on connectivity (PCIe, SATA, 
USB), processor architecture, DDR3 memory 
interface and FPGA
Experience with successful board and system-
level bring up of the designs in the lab using 
latest test equipment (oscilloscopes, protocol 
and logic analyzers etc)
Familiarity with firmware development for 
embedded processor cores (ARM, ARC etc)
Strong leadership qualities, sense of ownership 
and urgency, and delivery commitment are required
Excellent oral and written communication skills


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