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Job Title: Senior Tax Analyst, CPA

Job Location: NC - Raleigh
Job Description:

An opportunity to make an impact? What a concept! 
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Currently, we are seeking an individual as a 
Senior Tax Analyst, who is responsible for 
reviewing or preparing federal and state income 
tax returns, computing estimated tax payments, 
responding to inquiries from taxing authorities 
and independent accountants, and researching 
technical issues. Additional responsibilities 
include providing assistance in computation of 
tax provisions and in reconciliation of tax 
accounts, directing audits by income tax 
authorities, and updating and maintaining tax 
preparation and research software, including 
coordination with accounting to maintain fixed 
asset tax depreciation. The position is located 
at the corporate headquarters in Raleigh, NC.
Responsibilities include:
* Preparation and/or review of returns and 
computations in the following areas: 45% 
    o Federal and State income tax returns for 
multi-state consolidated S-Corporations 
       and partnerships 
    o Federal and State estimated tax payments 
    o Federal/State reporting for employee 
benefit plans 
    o Fringe benefit reporting 
    o Foundations 

* Preparation of quarterly shareholder 
distributions, annual shareholder elections, and 
correspondence related to composite state tax 
filings. 15% 

* Preparation of tax provisions, tax account 
reconciliations and footnotes for inclusion in 
audited financial statements. 15% 

* Prepares technical correspondence and protests 
to taxing authorities regarding notice

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