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Job Title: Sr. Product Manager - Digital Channels

Job Location: CA - LosAngeles
Job Description:

The Senior Product Manager will be responsible for the management of one or more online or 
mobile banking products, as well as the development of related enhancements or new 
products. Lead product development and management activities with Bank departments and 
outside vendors to expeditiously deliver and promote quality products to the marketplace.  
Prioritize the expenditure of the Bank's resources to ensure the most cost-effective 
development of products and new enhancements.  Ensure that the appropriate customer 
sales and marketing functions are informed of new products and enhancements.  Responsible 
for the profitable adoption and quality of online products and services that will be used 
by the majority of the Bank's banking portfolio.

Major Responsibilities: 
•Develop new products and services based on the Bank's goals and objectives.
•Analyze and evaluate new concepts, determine feasibility and market potential.
•Lead market research effort.
•Advise management of potential delivery capabilities through preparation of strategy 
presentations or papers that define markets, product design, profit, marketing costs, 
alternative systems, operating expenditures, and capitalization.
•Manage existing product lines, ensuring that state-of-the-art technology is applied to 
delivery systems.
•Maintain an awareness of major industry trends and evaluate enhancement opportunities by 
monitoring customer satisfaction.
•Make strategic recommendations to management through presentation of proposals that 
analyze internal operating procedures, user groups and customer trends, pricing cost and 
internal/external technology and procedures needed to effect change.
•Responsible for preparing annual Bank forecasts of product volume, revenues, and costs.
•Coordinate the development of operational systems and procedures between multiple users 
and delivery departments.
•Develop and supervise the writing of internal and user procedures and guides.
•Create and present business cases and CBA's to Senior Management.
•Develop strategies for pricing, advertising, marketing, and training for assigned product 
•Review requests from line of business management to modify and/or change design or 
procedures of existing products.
•Determine cost effectiveness and compliance with auditing procedures and legal 
•Monitor daily operational problems regarding customer implementation and vendor 
problems on an exception basis.
•Act as primary vendor relationship manager on multi-million dollar vendor engagements.
•May assist in overseeing/training of one or more junior level employees.
•Actively ensure compliance with the Bank's Business Standards of Conduct and all Patriot 
Act, CIP, Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, Information Security and suspicious 
activity reporting requirements, and other regulatory and compliance policies and 
•Actively participate in any required corporate and business line compliance training.

•Typically requires a degree from a four-year college (e.g., B.A., B.S.) and a minimum of 
7 years of product management and product development experience in a technical or 
financial services field. 
•Background in customer-facing, web-based systems preferred, especially in the electronic 
payment or online banking space. 
•Must be a creative problem solver and a creative problem anticipator. 
•Must be able to work independently with some management direction. 
•Advanced degree; MBA strongly preferred.

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City: Los Angeles
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