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Job Title: Senior Electrical Engineers

Job Location: VA - Richmond
Job Description:

General Responsibilities: 
Senior Electrical Engineers are willing and able to visit client facilities and 
discuss problems.  They also have the ability to develop subsequent solutions, then 
write and effectively communicate scopes of work and/or proposals.  This is huge – 
need people with technical skills that can think on their feet, recognize a client 
need and offer help.  Senior Electrical Engineers need to be able to develop work 
scopes independently with limited supervision or guidance.   Typically, in order to do 
this, a candidate for this position will need experience in manufacturing to 
understand the various roles: production, maintenance, planning, HS&E, and 
in order to know where, within a facility, the information necessary to develop a 
solution can be found.
Primary Job Responsibilities: 
·	Responsible for performing electrical engineering duties on assigned projects 
including power distribution, machine control design, instrument and control design, 
and programming (PLC, PC, MMI, etc.)
·	Develop bids, proposals, scopes of work, scope changes, correspondence, 
estimates, schedules, material lists, specifications, theories of operation, 
programming documentation, design concepts, design drawings and other project 
documentation per customer and corporate guidelines
·	Perform field work and technical research
·	Perform technical studies and calculations
·	Perform programming and system commissioning

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications: 
·	10+ years of heavy industrial experience
·	Design of electrical and control schematics
·	Specify equipment/instrumentation based on a clients’ description of his idea 
or written scope
·	Specify medium voltage equipment, such as, MCCs, power transformers, 
distribution panels, etc.
·	Working knowledge of NEC, BOCA and other codes related to design

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Salary Range: