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Job Title: Process Engineer

Job Location: LA - BatonRouge
Job Description:

Engineer with a focus on new innovative monomer processes. The Production 
Engineer will report to the Engineering Manager. Day-to-day activities will depend on 
capital project workload. The engineering team also includes process engineers, 
project engineers, mechanical engineers, maintenance, regulatory, instrumentation, 
and CAD technicians.
Front end engineering design for new innovative monomer processes.
Sizing and specification of process equipment.
Initial development of operational and maintenance procedures.
Development of documents relevant to PSM compliance.
Participation in regulatory activities (PHAs, MOCs, etc.).
Process validation.
Oversight of third party engineering firms assisting in meeting process design and 
process safety requirements.
Capital project management.
Oversight of mechanical contractors, when relevant.
Support plant/department projects as necessary.
Bachelorís Degree required in Chemical Engineering.
Minimum 10 years of experience in process engineering design including hands-on 
troubleshooting experience.
PE licensure.
Processes should have contained Acrylonitrile or other materials with similar risks 
such as (Flammable, Toxic, Polymerization, etc.).
Other relevant highly hazardous chemicals may include: Acetonitrile, Acrolein, Allyl 
Chloride, Dimethylamine, Isobutylene, Oleum, Phosgene, Vinyl Chloride, N-
Engineering of processes handling flammable and toxic liquids.
Use of relevant codes and standards (RAGAGEPs).
Knowledge of PSM, OSHA, environmental and other regulatory requirements.
Management of multiple projects.
Interaction with maintenance and construction personnel.
QA/QC/Mechanical Integrity.
Engineering of processes handling solids.

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