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Job Title: Sales Engineer

Job Location: AR - LittleRock
Job Description:

∑	Bachelorís degree in engineering or a related technical field and 5 years of 
field sales experience, or equivalent, required 
∑	Well-developed sales skills
∑	Technical knowledge of wire-making manufacturing processes
∑	Excellent oral/written communication skills
∑	Well-developed presentation skills
∑	Excellent customer relations skills
∑	Marketing and market planning knowledge
∑	In-depth knowledge of target market industries
∑	Ability to travel at least 40% of the time

∑	Makes sales contacts, researches customer needs and develops application of 
products and services in an effective manner to ensure sales opportunities for 
∑	Direct customer contact for all products from  Japan to North America, South 
America and Europe.  Travel could average 40%
∑	Determines market strategies and goals for each product; conducts marketing 
research and analysis for current and future products
∑	Maintains up-to-date understanding of industry trends and technical 
developments that effect target markets
∑	Establishes and maintains industry contacts that lead to sales
∑	Obtains and coordinates data and information from staff and customer groups; 
maintains database related to all orders
∑	Researches and develops lists of potential customers
∑	Responsible for shipments, orders, invoicing, etc. along with proper 
∑	Coordinates all shipping including Air & Ocean and communicates with Import 
∑	Maintains inventories of all products
∑	Schedules any and all returns to Japan
∑	Reviews all freight, warehousing, and other charges and works with 3rd parties 
to lower cost
∑	Manages the investigation and solution of customer complaints
∑	Establish and control the necessary Sales Budget
∑	Conducts customer technical meetings
∑	Assists other departments as needed
∑	Performs other related duties as required and assigned

Other Job Information

Salary Range: $60 - $73K
Relocate: Yes